Katrina kaif rajneeti movie will touch indian politics.

Published: 24th May 2010
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Indian movie star Katrina Kaif, who will be seen in a new avatar, doing a challenging look in her coming picture Rajneeti. She says her instincts and script views take precedence while selecting a film.

Rajneeti is directed by Prakash Jha and this movie is subjected to release on 4th june 2010. Katrina clarifies that the subject of the film was electoral political relations, which was definitely great, but the picture itself was full of entertainment for the people as good as for the families. Even the perceptual experience that Katrina Kaif's part was based on Congress chairwoman Sonia Gandhi fit for a pass when the good-looking young girl uncovered that director Prakash Jha had granted her a free hand to framework her character on anyone she wished and that it was certainly not based on Sonia Gandhi.

You can relate the write up of 'Rajneeti' to any family fight you can choose from and connect with relevant components that it deals with, Prakash adds, "The story is the same form of familiy fight, except it is set in this day and age. The film speaks about every last potential kind of politics - personal, social, state and national. Also, today, the phrase 'politics' has become derogatory; the film efforts to understand that."

This hard hitting motion picture with a extreme political theme has some of the most identified role players of Bollywood. Katrina Kaif, who is among the top actress of Bollywood will be found in a decidedly de-glamorized theatrical role in the cinema and she will be pitted against performers like Ajay Devgan and Nana Patekar. The film also has Bollywood's fashionable heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor in a important part. This picture will be a turning point for Katrina Kaif career whose knockers have often criticised about her deficiency of working skills and unimpressive Hindi accent.

The promos of the movie 'Rajneeti' are straightaway being publicized in different channels and the innovative look of Katrina Kaif is pretty interesting. It is a excessive cry from her hot onscreen avatars equally seen in pictures like 'Race' and 'Namaste London'. She disclosed in a recent interview that for doing justice to the character she kept an eye on Priyanka Vadra. She said that it helped her to get the necessary body language that a female politician demands to follow.

Talking about the music of the picture, role player Ranbir Kapoor remarked that Jha has roped in some better-known music composers for the movie. This movie is a family-political thriller and I guess the music just helps to be more fascinating to the audience said Ranbir Kapoor.

Nana Patekar says, "Now-a-days, promotion has its own norms and paths. Well! Prakash must be having something in his mind. All I know that after I come back from Pune I have to go for dubbing. I have given my appointments for dubbing." He added that, It is not a serious film, it is about a serious matter, but it is very interesting film in the subject. Otherwise, you guys all know me well enough to know that I wouldn't do a film, which is not fascinating.

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